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Had a chance to take my mini out :)

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This is the first time I have taken it out since I got the trigger reworked, bedded the stock, and put in Mike bushing kit. It was just too nice outside to pass it up. Didn't really do any accuracy testing, but the the brass was landing about 8 feet away :)

The trigger is sweet thanks to Mike. I am using his medium gas bushing and his recoil buffer and had no problems cycling. I can't wait to see how close my groups are :)

BTW I also took my swiss k31 out. The straight-pull bolt is fast and smooth. Definitely a good purchase.
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You had a better day than I did at the range. My range is under construction (remodeling), they also shut the rifle side down, because of the shotgun skeet event going on, no place to shoot. It was such a nice day, I went to the lake and tried out my new camera. Saw 3 gaters, an 8 footer, and a couple smaller ones.
I fix gator nugets. You can't shoot a gator in the water or they will dive, and die. Here is a couple of links on gator hunting. The one for $3000 we save for our rich Texas neighbors. Bawhahaha :D
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