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H&K 91 Paratrooper

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New price $4200. Never fired. Magazines still in box. Collapsible stock. Comes in US issue canvas bag. Also has the German made .22 caliber conversion kit new in box. The only thing I can find on the package is it looks like there was a handle sewn into the canvas bag that is missing. Kind of an impulse listing and I will get all the info you might need but have not pulled it out of the safe. Bought it 3 months ago and just decided I don't need it and will never fire it. $4500.

Tried to upload pics. Can't get them rotated correctly. ?????????????

Only trade considered would be Match grade Springfield M-1 Garand and cash.


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Typo's happen. At $450 I am game. Could we see a picture?
bwraven, it was humor. Longshot1 would have to be out of his mind to sell it to me for $450. At $4500 it is an excellent buy.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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