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The bad guys figure they have about 4 weeks after a massacre to chip away at our rights. I suspect they figure they have a little bigger window this time due to the scale of the outrage in CT. However, Christmas break will have dropped it a bit. Call it 4-6 weeks max. We're now in week 3 since the atrocity so they figure if they can't roll out their gun/magazine/private xfer ban in another 3 weeks (end of January) it won't happen this time. Thing to watch for most IMHO is a "compromise" wherein the RINO's get to claim that they stood up for us and the best deal they could get was to give in on private xfers or high cap magazines in exchange for leaving the rest of our rights alone.

So hang on, call/write your congressmen and do what you can. Accept no compromise. If we beat 'em in Illinois it may help deflate their sails a bit for the national effort.

Notice how the fearless leader appointed the veep to head up the gun control panel? It fails, its officially his fault they lost. I don't think that the other side is 100% confident. Maybe its just wishful thinking on my part. Whole thing still feels like a nightmare.

Be strong,
I think that's about right. Most likely set of new limitations will be a limit on magazines to 10 rounds and new limits on private sales. I suspect they will require private sales to be done through an FFL so a background check can be done. At a nominal fee and tax, of course.

At the end of the day, I think what they really accomplish is a million more AR-15s and other semi-autos in the hands of the American public as they stock up to beat the possible bans.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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