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So whats the Plan?

As a freedom loving American I will stand with my brothers. I belong to a rural Washington State fire dept. as a volunteer. In that small circle of people we have LEO's and retired military. The Leo's have flat out stated their will be no confiscation efforts from our agencies, so that leaves our military, forget them, they ain't gonna do it. National Guard, yeah right! So that leaves the federal "agents". Due to a Federal mandate ironically enough, we had to recently update our fire comms to include fed channels for emergencies, (God I love stupid).
We will not go quietly and we have a plan. You need to make a choice NOW. Either you fight or get in line and hand them over!
You guys should be forming platoons have rally points ect. They do not have the stomach for this, but if we roll over, it's over.
I have written this type of language to all of the law makers, including Barry, letting them know what they are in store for. The time for please mr honorable (fill in the blank), spare my rights, is way over.
Bring it.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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