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Got out for a few hours this past weekend to a buddy's farm, where he has a 300-yard rifle range set up. I only shot at 100, 150, and 200 yards, though. Too lazy to walk out 300 yards to place and retrieve targets.

Gave my Ruger AR-556 18" barrel "multi-purpose rifle" a good workout with 100 rounds of relatively inexpensive (about 27 cents a round) Wolf Gold 55 grain ammo. I've got a Primary Arms 1x8x24 scope on this rifle and had no trouble immediately shooting 1" groups at 100 yards and 1-3/4" groups at 200 yards. I like the scope, but I like shooting with red dots more. Probably will leave the PA scope on this rifle, though.

The rifle has a very nice "stock" two stage trigger. Rifle sells for $600 or less at the usual mail order outlets.

There are a lot of AR 15s at $500 to $700 these days...I've owned a couple of them...I think this Ruger is easily the best.
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