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Got a new toy...

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Picked up a Heritage Rough Rider on Saturday. Its a 6.5", matte stainless with a laminated grip, adjustable sites with fiber optic front. It goes nicely with my Freedom Arms .41 mag when it has the unfluted WMR cylinder in.

I put the WMR cylinder in and took two squirrels Sunday morning at good distances (about 20 yards) with CCI hollowpoints. I had to shoot at one of them twice and I missed a third, so four shots - two kills. I also picked up some CCI shotsells in WMR to use as snake shot.

I'm very happy with it, I can use the WMR for bunnies and squirrels, WMR shotshells for snake loads, and LR for practice for deer hunting with the .41 mag. And, its made in America (sort of - Miami).
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Fun Gun!

My son picked up a Rough Rider last week and we put about 100 rounds thru it. Good shooter and accurate, but the sights are too fine for my old eyes. I'm going to have the Fun shop order me one with the adjustable sights on it. Then we'll see how long it takes to burn up a brick of ammo! Should do the job on the occasional varmit that wanders thru the property.
Devious Fun Shop Owner

Well, went in to have him order me a Rough Rider 22 with adj sites, and the scoundrel had a Rough Rider 45 colt in the display case! Needless to say, the sly dog had me figured out, since I carry a 45 lc SW for a duty gun. I now have a single action on lay-a-way , Christmas and my birth-day coming up so I dont feel too guilty for buying it. Wife says go for it (love that woman). Let u know how it shoots when I get it home.
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