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Got a great M1a package for sale

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The M1a is custom built by James E. McCollum (retired military armeror for Army and Nat. Guard sharp shooting teams).
- 16.5 Douglas Air Guage Premium Heavy Weight Brl. (Has normal flash supressor
with Bayonet lug filed down in order to get to gas plug.)
- Original military walnut stock for M14 auto
- New (fitted - in PIC) laminated stock (chestnut color) with the cleaning gear
in the stock.
- Original gas plug and the versa pod adaptor plug (fitted - in PIC).
- ARMS #18 mount
- 1 - #22 QD 30mm rings with the 1" adaptor
- New Springfield Govt. 6x40 scope with the range finder for the .308 round and
built in bubble level.
- 5 GI 20 rounders (new) but out of wrapper
- Springfields 5 rounder (flush fit) and Springfields 5 rounder sporter mag
(ten rounder fitted for 5 rounds).
- Scope Eze comb riser that brings eye to center of scope
Original cost: $3,300 will sell for $2,199 plus shipping/ins.

I have fired approx. 60 or less rounds thru the rifle. I did this to sight in my Swarovski PV-1 #24 reticle illuminated dangerous game scope. I AM KEEPING THE SWAROVSKI!!!! I am a serious shooter (not the best)but a serious shooter. I have searched for the most reliable QD systems out there. This SWAN and ARMS combination is trusted by active duty shooters and I have not seen a measurable difference when removing the scope and replacing it for another string of shots. I have not sighted in the Springfield although it is mounted in the ARMS rings and fits the SWAN base (in PIC).

I am new here so I don't know how to post PICS.
Email me at: [email protected] and I will send you some PICS.
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