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Gold Medallion = Rem 40-x cleaner?

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I have read that gold medallion was an abrasive cleaner. Was it a paste like J-B, or a liquid? I am getting conflicting info as to wether or not it became Remington 40-X bore cleaner. I use 40-x a lot, which is a thick grey liquid, but now I am wondering if it is abrasive. Anyone know if it is?
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Scottm343; Gold Medallion was about the same consistency as the new and improved..40-X by Remington. [fine ceramic , and copper killer was the old formula] now 27 years later it has changed a little. SEE MY POSTS ON CLEANING THE MINI [today]
Ok, if 40x is an abrasive, is it too aggressive to use often? My procedure is to dry bronze brush about 5 strokes, then aply 40x to the brush, do a few more strokes, let soak for about 5 minutes, then run a couple dry patches. Then I run a patch with hoppes #9, but it is usually pretty clean after the 40x.
I don't usually dry brush, with bronze or nylon. OLD -benchrest guys often have been heard to say... run a wet patch or two( chamber end to muzzel ) , first. I have adhered to this 90% of my cleanings. Usually now , KANO Kroil goes first . If I can't swab with that ...(!) Seafoam , motor treatment for top end. = 1st step. Secondly ,I run patches of Shooters' Choice. I don't know how many rounds go thru your guns ....REM. 40-X is 3 times a year for my usage.
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