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I have a Glock 19, which is the same size as a 23, and I carry it strong side on my belt. I use a good pancake holster, and it doesn't show at all. I've carried for along time, and in various carry positions. Small of the back can be comfortable, but it's harder to draw from in different situations, think while seated in a vehicle, when knocked to the ground, pinned against a wall, etc.

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I have a Glock 23 I'd like to start carrying. I'm thinking a small of the back setup would be best. Any other ideas out there?

:) Have to disagree with you, Sarge. I've been around pistoleers almost my entire life; and NONE of them carried SOB - None!

Ideally you want a carry position that works equally well whether you're standing up, or sitting down; as well as one that requires a minimum amount of arm movement in order to draw the pistol. That position is located on your belt at either 10 or 2 o'clock.

If you're right-handed the 2 o'clock position is good for everything EXCEPT when you're seated in the passenger's seat inside a vehicle. In that position you'll need a BUG located in either your left-hand pocket, or else on the inside of your right ankle.

(I once knew a very well-trained professional gunman who saved his life by drawing his weapon from the inside of his right ankle, while he was seated in the passenger's seat, and surprising his attacker with a left-handed shot to the head.)

Me? I'm ambidextrous; and I usually carry ITB/IWB @ 10 or 2 o'clock. I'm faster with my right-hand, and more accurate with my left. I'm, also, 'greased lightning' out 'a Kydex, but slower out 'a leather. Trust me when I say that you don't want to be trying to reach behind your back for your pistol when you need it.

Smart (fast) CQB pistol gunfighting doesn't work that way. ;)
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