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Getting antsy

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During this winter, I did a whole slew of mods on my mini including bedding the stock, getting my trigger done, and installing Mike Knifong's gas port bushing and recoil buffer.

We have had so much snow out here in NY that I have not had a chance to take the baby out and see my improvements that I've done. I haven't had a chance to shoot it in almost three months. I guess you could say I'm going through shooting withdrawal :)

Hopefully this snow melts soon..........Well on a good note, I finally got my pistol permit application in. Wish me luck!
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We feel for ya bubba, we don't have any snow down here, but we have the rain. My shooten club caters more to the shotguners, the rifle shooters in the winter can only shoot sat morn till 11:30, and if ya don't go to church on sunday morn till 11:30, if the shotgunners don't have an event, and it dosen't rain. Now if we take off work, we can shoot all day tue, and wed. Now in the summer after daylight savings we can shoot a couple of hours after work on tue, and wed, before dark. Its a shame how they treat us rifle shooters especially since we have up to a 600 yd range. I am the Rifle/pistol Rep on the board of directors, and have suguested, moving the pop-up shotgun range out from the Rifle berm, and put the course inbehind the skeet shotgun, and have a berm in between, but the owner says it would cost too much.

There is another range here, but is crowded. A small town Egerton (I think) is building a range they say will be a world primier range, will be completed mid march. I wouldn't mind driving for 45 min to a range that is open. So some of us have a different set of problems than you do, but the result is the same, we are getting anxious too. I feel the need for some:
:rapid: :2guns: :ar15: :2guns: :ar15: :rapid:
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