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Just because you’re carrying a practical tool, that doesn’t mean it needs to be ugly. Gerber is going after the more dapper of its customers with the new Affinity folding knife. Available in copper or aluminum finishes, these new knives should fit right in when clipped to your fancy suit pants at the company holiday party.


Gerber Coverage on AllOutdoor

A little something for those high-tone occasions, the Affinity is an EDC knife with class. Built with double-windsors and 3-pieces in mind, the Affinity is the right accoutrement for any black tie affair. Simple ergonomics and barrel construction create a clean and fresh look, while the pop of color pinch plate provides a striking aesthetic breakup on the steel frame lock. The thumb stud on the Affinity is adjustable to meet the ergonomic desires of many different sized hands, while easy access to the frame lock makes operation a breeze.
The NEW Affinity Clip Folding Knife From Gerber


The new Affinity from Gerber comes in two styles. The aluminum version uses a 7CR blade and machined aluminum scales. The copper version uses machined copper scales and a D2 blade. The blades use the drop point profile and have an adjustable thumb stud that can slide up and down the blade to fit every hand size. The stud can also be removed. The clip is positioned for tip-up carry and the simple liner lock should feel familiar to anyone who’s carried a knife for any amount of time.


Gerber Affinity Clip Folding Knife – Specifications

  • Overall Length: 8.45″
  • Weight: 4.62 Oz
  • Blade Material: 7CR (aluminum) | D2 (copper)
  • MSRP: $39 (aluminum) | $53 (copper)


If you’d like to see one of these clipped to your pocket, you can pick one up by visiting Gerber’s website. Gerber can also be found on several social media platforms. For more content, like and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Continue to carry your tools every day!

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