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I need to find out the length of the gas port bushings for the new 2008 barrels in the mini 14 & mini 30.

In the older barrels the lengths were 0.270" for the 30 and 0.305 for the 14. They are not interchangeable.

I have a new mini 14 that I pulled the bushing out of and it measures 0.268. I called the Ruger tech line and after 5 days of b.s. they have given me 2 different answers. Their attitude is very aloof and I don't trust them.

Does anyone have this info?

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According to a post that GunDoc made these are the lengths he has come up with after measuring hundreds of factory bushings.

Mini 14, old style and 580 style - .295" long

Mini 30, old style and 580 style - .265" long

Heavy barrel styles and Target mini's - .263" long

By Heavy barrel styles I sure he means the new 2008 heavier barrel with the gas block flange. Which basically is the old mini 30 barrel (.625") with a little more beef around the chamber and the flange at the gas block. The outside diameter (.625") is now the same on all 3 calibers of mini's, they just bore and chamber the barrel in a different caliber. So it makes sense that your bushing measures .268". Ruger seems to be in the process of streamlining the parts associated with the different caliber mini's, smart move on their part, kind of a standardization process, going for the 1 size fits all approach I think.

I have noticed that GunDocs bushings are a little on the light side as far as length, the mini 14 gas bushings I have measured run .300" - .305" kind of depended how dirty they came out of the rifle.

If you have taken the gas bushing out and measured it, why are you looking for a length for it? Do you think they made a mistake in the bushing size, or is the rifle malfunctioning?
Or are you wondering why your new mini is chucking brass into the next county?:D

Don't forget to knock off the burr, or file it off from the staking of the screw to the top of the gas block, it will help prevent damage to the threads. Best to use new screws, but you probably know that already.

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Thank you Walkenbear. This helps tremendously. I can not find the post from Gundoc.

Here is the sequence of events that leads me to this point.
I have owned severel minis and currently have 5. One each of the mini14 and mini 30 have the new 2008 "heavy barrel". I have always changed the bushings and planned on doing so for these. At the same time I also wanted to pull the bushing from an older 196 mini 14 to determine what size bushing I had in it. After removing the gas block, I found (for the first time) that I could not pull the bushing out of the block. Upon inspection of the small pile of loose bushings I have, I discovered (again for the first time) that they are not all the same length. With a small amount of research I learned that they are in fact different lengths for each model gun. The bushing I had in the 14 was one of the shorter ones meant for the 30. When firing, the flat end of the bushing got battered against the gas pipe and peened the lip over just enough that I could not pull it from the block. There was not enough of it sticking out to grab it with pliers or visegrips. The solution was to tig weld a small rod to the end and work it out with this "better handle". I was lucky that I had only fired about 100 rounds with this bushing and the peening was minimal. Had I shot it more it quite concievably could have turned the edge over enough that removel would be impossible. After all there is about 0.030" of axial movement.

On to the new minis:
As I mentioned, the bushings that I removed from both the 14 and 30 heavy barrels were the shorter type. It did occur to me that perhaps they have standardized the lengths but I really wanted factory confirmation. This led me on my quest with Ruger to verify exactly what I had. After a week of dealing with several incompetent people there they ultimately left me with the wrong information. According to them the bushings are the same as before. 0.296 for the 14 and 0.265 for the 30 (their specs.).
At this point I feel more comfortable going with the standard shorter length for both models. This whole episode with Ruger leaves me very distrusting of them.

Also, on the new heavy barrels the diameter of the port in both bushings (14 & 30) is 0.010. The diameter of the port in the old 14 was 0.085. Another indicator that they are using the same bushing for both.

The diameter of the port in the barrel of the 14 is 0.057 and in the 30 is 0.088. So it seems that any reduction in gas port pressure will take a bushing with port diameters smaller than each of these respectively.

As an aside note, I have a 197 mini 30 that I replaced the bushing with a 0.085 dia. original bushing from a 196 mini 14. I now realize that it is the wrong length but as it is longer than the original there is at least no room for movement. I don't know how it is reacting in there and I don't plan to take it apart to find out. I have done many mods on this gun and it will shoot 1" to 1-1/2" regularly. It has been my experience that the 30 is just naturally more accurate than the 14. BTW, the most effective accurizing thing I did to this gun (and all my minis) was the AccuStrut.

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Hi Gridlock,
I have the newer model mini-30 with the tapered barrel. I have installed wolf springs and modified the firing pin to allow for reliable shooting of the wolf ammo. My question is on accuracy improvements and gas buffer port sizing so that the casings are not thrown so far. I was wondering what your accuracy improvements were with the accustrut for this particular rifle with the beefed up barrel? Also, what gas port size have you settled on for this model?
Many thanks.
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