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Gas bushing.....

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How much and where do you get them? :ar15:
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Set of 3 bushings is $25.00 Combo recommended and also recoil buffer he now has. Great to do business with...
Voruzon is "dead" on. IMHO(Sorry, couldn't resist that.)
Kinesthetic learning is the muscles learning repetitive motion. Happens ONLY with repeated movement/training. S/O personnel spend MOST OF THEIR TIME achieving proficiency in given movements until they are done WITHOUT THINKING. The old saying of "He who hesitates is lost" spoke from experience--what ever it was.

Nothing effects your sight picture like the impact of a bullet.

Defensive shooting is one thing--offensive shooting is another. Jordon, once head of Border Patrol, wrote a book "No Second Place Winner". Highly recommended reading. The title says it all!

A most valuable thread--hope it continues.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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