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Gas Block Woes

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I reported on this forum about six weeks ago that I had tried to disassemble the gas block to install one of the reduced size bushings from Mike Knifong, but couldn't get one of the gas block screws loose. After waiting for the smith to reorder the correct parts (should have done it myself - less time, less cost, less flap, etc.), I finally got the screw head drilled out (two hours, three drill bits - ss is tough stuff!) and the bushing installed. I think the lower surface of the screw head was jammed against the gas block, because after the head was off, the threaded portion of the screw came out very easily.

So, I'm off to the range shortly to see the impacts of the new bushing, new operating rod buffer pad, and a Mike Knifong trigger job.

Cajungeo: Any tips for estimating the 17-25 inch-pounds of torque you recommend for the gas block screws? Without a inch-pound wrench, I torqued them up with a T-handle Allen wrench just past "snug". I did use blue Loc-tite.
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When Allen screws are stripped,take a "Torx" bite that is slightly larger than the Allen and tap it in.It will cut its own groves and remove the Allen.Works like a charm. :sniper:
Yes,I do.I am on of the lucky few to find one(two).This is actually my second one.I had one about 10 years ago and sold it like an idiot.After that I swore if I ever got another one I'd keep it till I died.I might have it put in my casket with me(loaded of course).It is a super rifle!It will do everything H&K claims.Yes,1/4 inch groups with good ammo.Though I use mainly handloads.It is hard to justify the cost.They do call it "The $10,000 rifle".Thats with scope and aluminum case.You can have three top M-14s for one PSG1.My best M-14 will do everything the PSG1 will do.But its a cool looking machine.Its hard for me to get any shooting time in at ranges because people want to talk to me about it or want to know what it is.About the only thing I don't like about it is it throws brass to the next county.But I'll live with it.:sniper:
I don't understand your last question.And do you mean the 91 or PSG1.I have both.The PSG1 starts life as a 91 & most PSG1 parts will go on the 91,triggers groups,stocks,etc.You could ALMOST build a PSG1 from a 91.I love my 91,it has a set trigger and throws brass to the next county too.We need a H&K forum!!!:sniper:
All the parts are available threw H&K distributers.I haven't heard the getting around the ban thing,that would be great!I think alot of people would like a H&K forum!!:sniper:
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