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Gas Block Woes

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I reported on this forum about six weeks ago that I had tried to disassemble the gas block to install one of the reduced size bushings from Mike Knifong, but couldn't get one of the gas block screws loose. After waiting for the smith to reorder the correct parts (should have done it myself - less time, less cost, less flap, etc.), I finally got the screw head drilled out (two hours, three drill bits - ss is tough stuff!) and the bushing installed. I think the lower surface of the screw head was jammed against the gas block, because after the head was off, the threaded portion of the screw came out very easily.

So, I'm off to the range shortly to see the impacts of the new bushing, new operating rod buffer pad, and a Mike Knifong trigger job.

Cajungeo: Any tips for estimating the 17-25 inch-pounds of torque you recommend for the gas block screws? Without a inch-pound wrench, I torqued them up with a T-handle Allen wrench just past "snug". I did use blue Loc-tite.
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Thanks for your post, Vista.

From your tale of woe, I think we know 2 things. One, you can order replacement parts if all goes to heck. Two, it is possible to remove the gas block screws without stripping threads.

I need some clarification, how old is your mini, is this the first time the gas block screws were removed, did the other 3 screws feel like they were hard to take out, and did you drill out the screw on the head end or the other end? Also, do you think that maybe the end of the screw was staked or "flattened" to prevent removal?

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