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Garand loose handguard

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Recieved my cmp danish garand about a month ago. The front handguard is loose, moves front to back about 3/16". Would It be OK to make a shim to go between the gas cylinder and the handguard to prevent the movement? It is so loose it rattles. Rifle shoots good a bout 2" at 100, just want to make it better and keep it as recieved.

thanks rich
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Please do not build up the front handguard with shims, glue or anything else. The heat from firing will cause the gas cylinder to bind against the front handugard, cracking it.
It is made to have some play. I would leave it as is.

Match built rifles have the front handguard screwed to the rear handgard area, leaving a bit of a gap between the rear of the gas cylinder and the wood.
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