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Garand loose handguard

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Recieved my cmp danish garand about a month ago. The front handguard is loose, moves front to back about 3/16". Would It be OK to make a shim to go between the gas cylinder and the handguard to prevent the movement? It is so loose it rattles. Rifle shoots good a bout 2" at 100, just want to make it better and keep it as recieved.

thanks rich
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Exactly. If you want the front handguard to be tight, and you aren't worried about the wood (it isn't historically important wood), just use some epoxy to glue the front handguard to the lower band. It will work loose eventually, but it will serve its purpose in the mean time. Don't over do it, just a dab to keep the wood tacked back into the lower band. The lower band is the metal that is around the barrel, that holds the back of the front handguard and the front of the rear handguard (grin).
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