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No one knows what they’ll really miss till it’s gone, which is the case every time a bait manufacturer discontinues a bait. People often ask for the lure to be brought back but often it falls on deaf ears. There will always be a secondary market that forms for the lures. Often jumping the prices of the lures sky-high. In this case for Gambler Lures the bait was their most innovative spinnerbait design: The Gambler Ninja Spin.

“Every week I’ll get a phone call, an email, or some kind message on social media asking us to make the Ninja Spin again – so I just felt like it was time,” owner Val Osinski said.
So the guys at Gambler Lures have done just what their customers have asked. The highly requested Gambler Ninja Spin is back. This is the spinnerbait that Marty Stone used to win his first Bassmaster event at the Harris Chain of Lakes back in 2004. The Gambler Ninja Spin is being rereleased in both a 3/8oz and 1/2oz lure weights. The bait is a running secret among Florida locals and grass anglers. The Ninja Spin was designed specifically to be fished in heavy submerged/emerged grass and vegetation. The conical grass head when combined with the three hatchet-style blades that have a counter rotation allows the lure to throw off any vegetation. The Ninja Spin can fish the heaviest of cover and still bring in fish.

These baits are responsible for numerous local tournament wins all over the state of Florida, along with Carl Svebek’s FLW top 10 finish on the Potomac River. This fine wire spinner has been the secret weapon amongst pros who need a bladed lure for the grass. For more information on the Ninja Spin or any other Gambler Lures products check them out here.

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