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Well I came across this nifty magazine for the AR, the X15 drum magazine, when Sturmgewehre over on YouTube did a nice review of it.

Intrigued, I emailed the company that makes them and asked if they have any plans to make one for the Mini-14. After all, they make drums for the AR-10, M-14 and HK-91 in 308, why not the Mini? This is the response I got.

There are plans to do an X-Mini 14, however it is being put on the back burner until we can fill our existing orders. Please keep in touch and we will try to let you know when they are available.
Right now the price for the AR version is $229 on their site and I figure the Mini version would be similar. It won't replace all my factory 20's and 30's, but it looks like a nice tool to have in the toolbox.

Looking at the design I think they made some smart design choices.

1. Single Stack/Single Feed. The internal design reminds me a little of my KP-31 Suomi magazines and they are dead reliable in either my semi-auto or my friends full auto. The advantage of a single stack is the large reduction of internal friction. Given that drum magazines typically use torsion springs, rather than coil springs, it's not a big problem to have the follower move twice the distance vs a double stack. It largly eliminates the problem of FTF jams because the springs can't shove all those double stacked rounds through the mag fast enough.

2. Solid aluminum. A loaded mag gets heavy and Beta C mags are far too easy to break from rough handling or dropping. Just like a Mini-14 mag vs an AR mag, it's buy once/cry once.

So what does everyone else think? I'll certainly be buying at least one when they become available if the price is close to the AR version. I can see this being popular with those people who own an AC-556.:ar15:
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