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I have a few too many knives floating around and am looking at letting a few go.

I have asking prices listed with shipping CONUS included. But I'm open to trades as well. Take a look!

Cold Steel LTC Kukri Factory 2nd-has original sheath in excellent condition. The LTC itself has been used some and sharpened. The knife is in very good shape with a few nicks and scratches in the black coating. $45. SOLD!

EK SF Half Grind-has original sheath in excellent condition. The EK came with a cheap, imitation paracord wrapping for a handle. I removed it with the idea of rewrapping it or putting scales on for a handle. It's bare now. I have sharpened the top edge, 1/2 the blade, hence Half Grind. It is a good knife if you like double edged knives, I just can't get used to having both sides sharp! :eek: $25 SOLD!

Camillus USAF Survival Knife-has original sheath and sharpening stone. Both the knife and sheath are in great condition. The blood groove on one side has had the black finish removed by me. I was going to polish it to a bright enough sheen for 'signaling.' (Another project half finished.) It is SHARP! This is probably the best sheath knife I have for sale. ;) $30 SOLD!

Ontario USAF Survival Knife-has original sheath and sharpening stone. This knife looks NOTHING like a USAF SK anymore! I have GREATLY modified it to what I would call a 'working knife.' I've rounded the hexagon but cap edges. I cut and rounded the fingerguard so the top is completely gone and bottom is less squared. I removed the sawteeth entirely. I've tapered the grind considerably as it was too sharp of an angle for normal use. I removed the entire gray coating from the blade. I also removed some of the leather handle on the sides to make a more oval handgrip. It is SHARP! All modified for your BOB or next hunting trip! :) $25 Sold, pending reciept of funds!

A Buck Crosslock Solitaire 180S1 Drop Point in excellent condition and SHARP! For a pic and price of one new check here.
I've used this as my daily carry for some time, but now carry a locking SAK in it's place as well as a small fixed blade. $28.

A pair of Wenger Swiss Army Knives sold as a pair. The first is a 'basic' with Large Blade 2.5", bottle opener/large screwdriver, can opener, fingernail file, corkscrew and awl.
The second is a smaller version with Large Blade 1.5", fingernail file, scissor, tweezers, I see I've lost the tooth pick :(. Both together-$15.

Uncle Mike's green camo hip holster Size #4 for large frame revolvers. $12

Tasco mini binoculars 8x21mm with carrying case and lens cloth! I've been toting them in my BOB and am reducing weight. Excellent condition. $13 SOLD!

I typically send everything USPS 2-3Day Priority. I accept USPS Money Orders to help secure things at both ends a little more.

Things I'm interested in...
Knives or Skatchet.

Hoods Woods Videos #12 & #13 and ATAX instructional video.

LBV/Survival Vest-actual vests please no LBE style gear.

.257-.259" molds
.429-.431" molds
.36cal-.45cal roundball molds.
Lyman Mold Handles.

.444 Marlin Lever action or HEF single shot.

.44 or .444 'stuff.'

10/22 accessories/mags.

Whatever else do you have in mind!? :)
Please email me as well as posting a reply for speedy responses! :)

Thanks for looking!
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