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Doug Bowser
[email protected]
Emai if interested, do not send private messages.
I am in Mississippi
All applicable Federal Laws will be observed
All prices are firm
I am selling part of my collection, due to health problems.
The usual 3 day non-firing inspection applies. I have photos available on request at the email above. These items will be offered on other venues. Email me for more info and photos.
No Trades

S&W K-22 Masterpiece Model 17-4 .22RF, 6" barrel, has target hammer, grooved standard trigger, box, rod and papers. No blue wear except for a faint drag line on the cylinder, stocks are perfect and fired less than 200 rounds. Made in 1977, the newer Model 17's are not made as well as this one. $700.00

Ruger Model 77 rifle, .270 Winchester, 22" bbl, length of pull 13-3/4", manufactured in 1980, has the tang safety, metal is excellent, bore is excellent, wood is very good with a few handling marks from hunting. It has the Ruger telescope rings. Not fired a lot. $475.00

Remington 40XC .308 Winchester National Match Course rifle, it has an excellent Remington Stainless steel barrel that is 7/8" at the muzzle and 1-3/16" at the breech, he date codes indicate it was made in 1979. The rifle has been fired 300 times. It has a clip slot in the receiver bridge, the barrel and receiver are drilled and tapped for telescope bases, There is a set of Redfield Olympic front and rear sights, the rifle has an excellent trigger with no after travel. Has a 5 shot magazine. The wood has no cracks or deep gouges but there are handling marks on it. There is a full length rail for a hand stop from the trigger guard to the end of the forearm and the rifle has a 5 shot magazine. The exterior metal is excellent. The rifle could also be used for International Big Bore Standard Rifle competition. The rifle weighs 11.5 pounds and the LOP is 13-1/2". $900.00

Stoeger Uplander 12 Ga 3" chamber, 26" IC-MOD Barrel with choke tubes, in Vg overall condition with some scrapes and dents from hunting, bores excellent LOP 14-3/8", has a single non-selective trigger, extractors and the safety is not automatic. $300.00

Norinco JW-15 .22 LR rifle
This rifle is a copy of the CZ .22RF rifle. In very good overall condition with an excellent bore. It has been hunted with but it has not been abused. Barrel is 24", 5 shot box magazine. These rifles have the reputation of possessing great accuracy. Not importable in the USA. The Canadians can buy these rifles and have a high opinion of them. This rifle has the smoothest feeding from a box magazine, I have ever seen. $175.00

Mossberg 151 MB .22 RF rilfe
This is a semi-auto rifle with a full length stock. Missing the upper swivel (but most of these rifles are), excellent bore, vg woodexcept there is a crack at the wrist. It has been glued, blue is over 85%, made in the 1950's, with peep sight, functions great. $180.00

Mossberg Model 44US .22RF Rifle, rebuilt parkerized finish, US property marked, made as a trainer for WW2, has peep sight with screw in aperture and standard post front sight, the wood has no cracks or gouges. No Magazine. NRA VG condition with Excellent bore. There is a small discoloration of the wood near the magazine well. $180.00

Remington Nylon 77 Magazine Fed.
Remington Nylon 77 with Box Magazine, black stock, 19.5" excellent barrel, Black stock, has an extra magazine. The original sights are there. The rifle functions well. The Receiver plate has some corrosion on it due to being stored in a gun case. The photos of the rifle show this condition. The pitting is not very deep and could be removed by light buffing. $200.00

Daisy Legacy .22LR Youth Rifle, excellent 18" barrel, LOP 12.5", vg exterior, no rear sight but it has a Bushnell 3-9x30mm telescope mounted and has a 7 shot rotary box magazine. $150.00

J.P. Sauer 16 Ga 2-1/2" chamber, double barreled shotgun, Pre-World War 1, manufactured in 1912-1914, 29-1/2" fluid steel barrels nitro proofed, bores excellent but has 1 very small dent in each barrel, Greener double sear cross bolt box lock, extensively engraved, sling swivels, tight action, exterior is VG+, small chip out of the buttplate. C&R FFL OK $900.00

Remington 513-T .22RF USGI training rifle. Excellent bore, stock has no cracks or gouges, no magazine, Parkerizing is turning brown, no aperture for the rear sight. US property marked with "P" proofmark on the pistol grip. $300.00

Remington 513T .22LR, US Property marked, 27" barrel, no magazine or screw in aperture, metal has no rust, bore is excellent, the wood has a few dings but no gouges or cracks. The comb of this rifle's stock has not been altered. Marked by RIA EB, when rebuilt. $275.00

Remington 513T .22LR, US Property marked, 27" barrel, no magazine or screw in aperture, metal has no rust, bore is excellent, the wood is very good. Marked LEAD for Leaderkenny Arsenal when rebuilt. $300.00

Remington 513T .22LR, US Property marked, 27" barrel, no magazine or screw in aperture, metal has no rust, bore is excellent, the wood is very good but there are a few small dings in the forend tip/. Marked LEAD for Leaderkenny Arsenal when rebuilt. $300.00

Winchester 1400 Mark II 20 ga 2-3/4" chamber
The barrel is 28" and has the Win-Choke System and Imp-Cyl tube is installed. The gun is approximately 90% in wood and metal with an excellent bore. There are a few dings from hunting use. It has a Winchester Buttplate, the LOP is 13-7/8", the gun functions well. I disassembled it and carefully cleaned each part and test fired it 20 times. $250.00

Douglas air gauged .30 barrel 1 in 10", 25 ¼"X1-¼" new. $150.00

Remington 742 .30-06 semi-auto rifle, VG+ wood, excellent bore, new Remington magazine, exterior metal is turning a silver brown color, VG wood, functions very well, open iron sights. Has scope rings and base. A good deer rifle for the truck or car. $250.00

Harrington & Richardson Model 5200 Target Rifle, US Marked, single shot with loading tray, 28" heavy barrel, has receiver sight base and front globe sight base, telescope base for Weaver system, VG condition with an Excellent Bore. Wood has no cracks or gouges. $350.00

All ammunition is in excellent condition. I am in McComb, MS, call if interested
9 Bandoliers Lake City 69 .30-06 M2 Ball with ammo clips and cardboards $50.00 each
4 bandoliers 3-Lake City 1- XTP mixed $40.00 each
310 rounds Chinese 7.62x39mm in SKS clips $82.00
10 boxes of 50 rounds .45ACP USGI Match ammo $35.00 each
3 bandoliers of 120 rounds Lake City 1972 .30 M1 Carbine ammo with clips and cardboards $52.00 each
3 bandoliers of 100 rounds Lake City 1972 .30 M1 Carbine ammo with clips and cardboards $48.00
280 rounds .30-06 M2 Ball in clips and cardboards, $250.00
190 rounds USGI Lake City 7.62x51mm (.308 Win), M80 Ball, $133.00
160 rounds .30-06 M2 Ball in clips and cardboards, $130.00
140 rounds 7.62x39mm Custom Reloads 129 gr FMJ in new R-P cases and SKS strippers, $84.00
1800 rounds .22 Long Rifle Eley Practice ammo $6.00 per box of 50
1400 rounds of .22 Long Rifle Eley Tenex for semi-auto rifles, $15.00 per box
170 rounds of USGI WCC 78 .45ACP ammo loose $119.00
100 rds Winchester commercial .45 ACP 230 gr Ball polished $30.00
7.62x25mm Ammo. I have several 70 round boxes. The ammo appears to be Polish manufactured. I fired 70 rounds out of a CZ52 pistol and it all fired and functioned very well. The ammo is corrosive as is all Eastern Block Military Ammo. 70 rounds for $12.00.
1- 50 rd box of Winchester 7.62x25mm 85 gr FMJ ammo Boxer primed $20.00
1-20 rd box of .30-06 165 gr sp T's Custom Reloads $13.00

Shotgun barrels
SKB 20 ga 2-3/4" vent rib Imp Cyl 26" excellent condition $100.00
Rem 1100 12 ga 2-3/4" 28" MOD plain barrel, new $125.00
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