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Doug Bowser
[email protected]
I am in Mississippi
All applicable Federal Laws will be observed
I am selling part of a collection, due to health problems.
The usual 3 day non-firing inspection applies. I have photos available on request at the email above. These items will be offered on other venues. Email me for more info and photos.
No Trades

Winchester Super-X 1 12 gauge 2-3/4" chambers, 28" Modified barrel. This gun was made in 1980, it has never been fired, the metal is 99+%, the stocks are also near perfect. The length of pull is 14-1/4". $700.00

Winchester Model 12 - 12 Ga Super Speed & Super-X 3" Magnum, manufactured in 1958, 30" Full choke Plain Barrel, bore is excellent, Bluing has some defects from hunting use, the wood has a few handling marks as well. It is in NRA Very Good Condition. The action is tight and crisp. $500.00 C&R

Ruger Model 77 rifle, .270 Winchester, 22" bbl, length of pull 13-3/4", manufactured in 1980, has the tang safety, metal is excellent, bore is excellent, wood is very good plus with a few handling marks from hunting. It has the Ruger telescope rings. Not fired a lot. $475.00

Ruger Model 77 rifle, .338 Winchester Magnum, 24" bbl, length of pull 13-3/4", manufactured in 1979, has the tang safety, metal is excellent, bore is excellent, wood is very good with a few handling marks from hunting. The stock has a small chip near the magazine well on the right side of the rifle (3/8X1/4"). It has the Ruger telescope rings. The rifle was fired with 2 boxes of ammo. $500.00

Remington 40XC .308 Winchester National Match Course rifle, it has an excellent Remington Stainless steel barrel that is 7/8" at the muzzle and 1-3/16" at the breech, he date codes indicate it was made in 1979. It has a clip slot in the receiver bridge, the barrel and receiver are drilled and tapped for telescope bases, There is a set of Redfield Olympic front and rear sights, the rifle has an excellent trigger with no after travel. The wood has no cracks or deep gouges but there are handling marks on it. There is a full length rail for a hand stop from the trigger guard to the end of the forearm and the rifle has a 5 shot magazine. The exterior metal is excellent. The rifle could also be used for International Big Bore Standard Rifle competition. The rifle weighs 11.5 pounds and the LOP is 13. 5". $1000.00

Browning Model 53 deluxe in .32-20 WCF, it is a reproduction of the Winchester Model 63, the previous owner replaced the button magazine with a 10 shot magazine to be able to use the rifle in SASS shooting. The barrel 22" long and is in excellent condition, the wood is near excellent as is the bluing except for slight scratches on the right side of the receiver, the rear sight is a Marble's Tang Sight that is adjustable for windage and elevation, the front sight is a Lyman 17 globe sight. The rifle has fancy Walnut stocks. $800.00

Stoeger Uplander 12 Ga 3" chamber, 26" IC-MOD Barrel with choke tubes, in Vg overall condition with some scrapes and dents from hunting, bores excellent LOP 14-3/8", has a single non-selective trigger and the safety is not automatic. $300.00

Remington Model 700 Long Action Kit
Remington long Action with Magnum bolt, excellent condition metal, HS Precision stock, 24" X 1-1/2" Douglas Air Gauged Chrome-Moly Barrel. The barrel can be contoured to any shape. All the parts are here to build a Super Custom Rifle. Bought as a project in .300 WinMag. $600.00
French Modele d'Ordonnence Mle 1892 Revolver
Made at St. Etienne Arsenal in 1901, caliber 8x22r French Ordnance Revolver, 4-5/8" barrel, bore is excellent, bluing is 90%, wood is VG with a small chip at the grip escutcheon, used by the French military from 1892-1960. A unique design the cylinder swings to the right. This is designed to be used left handed while the right hand uses the saber. The internal parts may be exposed by unscrewing the side plat from the right side. CRFFL OK $600.00

Ruger Mark II Standard, 6" barrel, blued finish, fixed sights, bore is excellent, exterior is very good plus and it comes with the factory box. $295.00

Remington 700 BDL Heavy Barreled Varmint Rifle .308 Winchester
This rifle has been altered to a single shot, the original Remington barrel has been shortened at the breech and re-chambered. A target quality chambering reamer was used to re-chamber the rifle. The weight of the rifle is 9 pounds, barrel length is 23", expertly glass bedded and free floated, trigger stops when fired. The former owner fired 10 shot groups at 800 yards under 9". The wood is excellent with good figure, metal and bore are excellent. The rifle has a Leupold telescope mount and 1" rings. Bob Pease converted rifles like this in the 1980's. He called them "The poor man's target rifle". I was told by the former owner this was a Bob Pease rifle. $700.00

S&W K-22 Masterpiece Model 17-4 .22RF, 6" barrel, has target hammer, grooved standard trigger, box, rod and papers. No blue wear except for a faint drag line on the cylinder, stocks are perfect and fired little. Made in 1977, the newer model 17's are not made as well as this one. $800.00

I have 2- FEG Model PA63 pistols, 4" barrel, two toned, blue slide, aluminum frame, VG - EXC condition $275.00 each

S&W Model 10-5 .38 Spl., 4" pencil barrel, excellent bore and chambers, in perfect time, nickel finish has some flaking, Pachmayr rubber grips, manufactured in 1963. $400.00

S&W Model 15-3 .38 Spl., 4" barrel, adjustable sights, bore and chambers are excellent, blue has signs of holster wear, Houge hard rubber grips, excellent action in perfect time with no end shake. $475.00

Star Model F .22LR Pistol, semi-auto, 4-1/4" barrel, excellent bore 85% blue, excellent grips, adjustable sights, kind of rare, target version of their pocket pistol. $300.00

Star Model FR Sport .22 LR semi-auto Pistol, 6" barrel, adjustable rear sight, excellent bore, 85% blue, kind of rare, target version of their pocket pistol. $300.00

Thompson-Center Contender Pistol
Comes with .22LR 10" barrel with Tasco 2x20mm LER telescope mounted, a .45 Colt 10" barrel with iron sights and a 10" .223 barrel with a TC 2.5x20mm telescope mounted. The pistol has Pachmayr rubber stocks and an assortment of wooden stocks right and left handed. The pistol is in excellent condition. The pistol comes with a TC carrying case for the pistol and barrels. $950.00

Norinco TT-33 (Type 54) 7.62x25mm Pistol, 4-3/8" excellent barrel, 95% blue, I removed the aftermarket safety because it would engage when fired. It is better without it. $250.00

Taurus Model 82 .38 Special Revolver, 4" barrel, in perfect time, excellent bore and chambers, Brazilian Police revolver, the breech face is as new indicating it has not been fired a lot. This would make a good gun to keep in the vehicle. The exterior has a few dings and about 85% blue $250.00

Shotgun barrels
SKB 20 ga 2-3/4" vent rib Imp Cyl 26" excellent condition $120.00
Rem 1100 12 ga 2-3/4" 28" MOD plain barrel, new $150.00
Rem 1100 12 ga 2-3/4" 28" MOD vent rib barrel, excellent condition $180.00
Rem 1100 12 ga 2-3/4" 28" MOD plain barrel, excellent condition $125.00

Lyman #55 powder measure. This one is probably Pre-WW2. I have been using one like this for 60 years. Measures IMR 4895 very well. $50.00
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