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FS: WW2 M1 Garand, restored, with CMP papers - $750, I'll pay shipping to your FFL.

It is all-correct, restorted with the correct 3 SA 2 45 barrel (with minor ARL ORD import stamp), Type 3 Lockbar sights and proper SA/NFR stock with small cartouche. This is a great shooter and an excellent WW2 example.

Here are some other details:

Springfield Armory M1 Garand

Serial Number: 3481xxx (February, 1945)

Receiver: D28291 35/A 28

Bolt: D28287-19SA/A-6

Op Rod: D35382 9 SA (modified)

Gas Cylinder Lock: round top, chamfered

Trigger Group: all date-correct SA parts

I'll also include the original barrel from the CMP purchase (marked: SA F6535448 6 54 MD 40), the original CMP stock set (gorgeous walnut marked BA for Benicia Arsenal) and a proper AFH 10" bayonet with correct scabbard.

This _is_ an original CMP rifle that I received. This was my first CMP rifle and I was so excited by it (I had wanted a WW2 rifle and this one was manufactured the same month as Iwo Jima) I restored it to correct condition by purchasing a barrel (with import stamp) and stock from Scott Duff and sights from another seller. The trigger group came from another of my later CMP rifles, as the one original to this one was a complete Winchester group that now rests in my completely restored and correct June, '44 Winchester.

Orion 7 installed the new barrel and sights and field-tested the operation. It performs flawlessly and is not only an excellent example of a WW2 Garand but is a great shooter, too.

I'm selling this only to improve my collection. I've purchased a papered NRA-sale Type 2 Natiional Match and I really need to cover that cost. This rifle is now extraneous to my growing collection as I have far better examples of WW2 Garands.

I believe that all other minor parts are correct, too. My price of $750 is exactly what I have into it; there is absolutely _no_ profit (in fact, including restoration labor and all my shipping charges, I'm losing). I'm not trying to profit from this sale of a CMP rifle, but to recover my costs so that I can pay for _another_ CMP rifle that will substantially improve my collection.

Price: $750, shipping included

Email: [email protected]
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