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If you want more than one thing below, email me and we'll knock a couple of more bucks off according to what items you want. I want this stuff out of the computer room! :)

1)Buck Crosslock Liner lock knife and TWO Wenger SAK's as a package $33 shipped.

2)Uncle Mikes Large Revolver green camo belt holster Size #4 $10 shipped.

3)Weaver Mount Base 63B for:
MARLIN 36, 62, 336, 444, 1894
Glenfield 30
Sears 45
$9 shipped.

4)Weaver Mount Bases (2) for RUGER 10/22's $7 shipped each.

5)Weaver Mount Bases (2) 60A for:
Browning 22 Auto
H&R 158, 163
Remington 24, 241
There are NO SCREWS with these!
BOTH for $6 shipped.

6)Hand push drill with bits. This looks likes an oversized screwdriver, but is really a push drill. You push it down and it spins the shank with the bit in the end. There are four bits in the handle. $12 shipped.
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