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Yesterday afternoon (7/13/09), Governor Brewer signed a number of bills. You can view the final disposition of bills sent to the Governor here: http://tinyurl. com/2009GovnrBil ls .

The following are key pro-rights bills that the Governor signed.

SB 1113, a limited "Restaurant Carry" bill, applicable only to CCW permit holders.

SB 1168, the "Parking Lot" bill that prevents any private or public employer, property owner, etc., from banning any person from keeping a firearm in a locked vehicle in a parking area on the property, with specific limited exceptions.

SB 1243, the AzCDL-requested bill that clarifies and codifies the defensive display of a firearm.

SB 1449, which retroactively applies the restoration of the "innocent until proven guilty" language, that became law in 2006, to cases pending at the time of passage.

Another bill that quietly worked its way through the Legislature and was signed on July 10, 2009 by the Governor, was SB 1437, which adds persons certified by a "national association of firearms owners" (e.g., NRA) to the list of persons qualified to be an Arizona Gun Safety Program Course instructor. Currently, instructors may only be certified by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Bills signed by the Governor become effective September 30, 2009 . (http://www.azleg. gov/GeneralEffec tiveDates. asp)

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