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fox hunting..need help

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i want to use my 223 for those fox that only come in to 100 or 150 yards and set down and just will not come in any closer ..but i want to get a load that will not tear the hide up too bad...i want to market the furs so i want little damage...but want to keep this 223's accuracy .....any suggestions???????:sniper:
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Most any of the mil-spec FMJ would be my choice. Most of the hollow-point, ballistic tip etc etc are going to have a real explosive impact on the hide you are trying to sell.
apply molybendium coating to a fmj and it will go right through, beware that the animal may not even know its hit and get a ways away befor it falls.:) :usa:
You could try a mouse squeaker to coax them in closer. Reds are famous for doing that but a grey will run up in your lap,that has been my experince.
It may also help to have a rabbit hide close to the speaker ( if you are using an electronic call) it gives them something to focus on.
I am reloading 63 gr semi point Sierra bullets, to try for hunting yotes, fox, ****, etc. Like you I don't want to tear up the hide. It looks like they will expand somewhat, but not like a balistic tip or HP.
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