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Four Four Mag question

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If hes out there- does Four Four have the stainless ten rounders in again???
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Hey sorry to take so long to answer, yes we have them in stock again.

Right now I am working on a write-up of a recent torture test we did on the promag 10rd mags, we had to test some new .223 ammo and burned up 2000 rounds in two mini 14s using 5 promag 10rders with not a SINGLE malfunction. We also tested several other magazines including 10rd eagle and 10rd USA. The Eagles performed flawlessly as well but showed some wear on the plastic. The two USA mags did not feed reliably at all. We also tested several brands of hi-caps, with interesting results. Of the two precision 40rders we tested one would not lock into the rifles. The other had one mafunction in 200rds. We tried one post ban LEO 20rd factory mag with flawless results. These are available to officers for $30ea from us. Stay tuned for complete results.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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