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I'm doing a little bit of "spring cleaning" in the gun safe and came across seven Pre-ban AR-15 M16 that I've decided to let go. I have used these in my Post-ban Bushmaster without any feeding problems whatsoever. They have no dents, dings, rust, or scratches and operate flawlessly. They are black and metal with "6P199 04/92" stamped on the side. On the bottom, it is stamped, "CENTER INDUSTRIES CORP. WICHITA, KS. U.S.A. MFG. 6P199" Cosmetically, they are 90-95% (due to very minor handling marks), function and reliability is 100%. The first person to go to and send $125.00 to [email protected] will receive these fine mags. This includes FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. except where prohibited by law.
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