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Folding Stocks and Post-bans

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My local dealer has a like new Butler Creek folder that I would love on my Mini. The only problem I have is the fact that My stainless Mini is a post ban. Is it leagal to "pin" this stock in the open position? I know Butler Creek sells them welded open for post bans. I don't want to weld it if I can help it, I would prefer to put some type of set screw in it. We looked at the top and we both believe it would be possible to drill and tap a hole from the top into the folding arm. This would lock it, but would it qualify as a non-folder? Oh, the reason I don't want to weld it is that I might be able to talk my dad out of his rally nice pre-ban in the future. Thanks!:2guns:
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I have a pre ban 186xxx and from time to time think I'd like to convert to folder. My question "is it legal'? The reason I ask is that I've read somewhere that folding stocks are sold only as a replacement of existing pre ban equipped gun.
Am I way off base here, your interpretations will be appreciated!
Paul S and cajungeo,
Thanks for your input - It confirms my interpretation of the ban.
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