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FN49 VS M1 Garand

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Which is the better rifle? I have 1 of each and have been through them pretty throughly. In many ways the FN49 is a better design.
Its gas operating system is less complex then the M1 and has fewer parts. The gas system is also adjustable the m1 is not. Its a pleasure to shoot and seems very accurate.

I love my Garand and will keep it always but it it could have had a close if not superior rival in the FN49.

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Tailgunner The FN49 was in development around the same time as the M1 the war got in the way and the designer fled to England, who had no interst in it so it was in near stasis until VE-day.

The FN had the adjustable gas system from day 1 not added on 50 years later.

The Garand is a legend and a great design and I'm trying to scatch up some discussion on this forum so lets hear it.

A detachable magazine would be nice but the Garand doesn't have one either. One advantage to the 49 is the ablity to top it off with single bullets.

Mine seems to be accurate I've got to get it out for a longer range trial.

Both rifles were the foundation of the next generation of great battle rifles, the FAL and the M14.

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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