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FN49 VS M1 Garand

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Which is the better rifle? I have 1 of each and have been through them pretty throughly. In many ways the FN49 is a better design.
Its gas operating system is less complex then the M1 and has fewer parts. The gas system is also adjustable the m1 is not. Its a pleasure to shoot and seems very accurate.

I love my Garand and will keep it always but it it could have had a close if not superior rival in the FN49.

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Adjustable gas systems are now available for the Garand (modified gas plug with adjustable venting).
As far as the other features the Garand was the ground breaker, so it makes sense that those that followed behind would have some improvements over the origional.
As far as the 'which is better' question, I only have experance with the Garand.
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