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FN49 VS M1 Garand

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Which is the better rifle? I have 1 of each and have been through them pretty throughly. In many ways the FN49 is a better design.
Its gas operating system is less complex then the M1 and has fewer parts. The gas system is also adjustable the m1 is not. Its a pleasure to shoot and seems very accurate.

I love my Garand and will keep it always but it it could have had a close if not superior rival in the FN49.

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Hey Rugster-hows it going-From what I understand the FN49 rifle was adopted by a fair few countries.Alot of them being South American-such as Venezuala,Argentina and Chile,and a few more I can't remember right now.It was chambered in 8mm mauser,7.62 by 51 Nato and 30-06Springfield.The ten round mag is removable,but falls apart when you remove it.It is rumored that a limited number of 20rnd. mags were made for them as well.None to my knowledge have been imported into this country.There were also sniper versions that had provisions for a scope mount and scope.These rifles served for a short period of time and then were replaced by the FAL.The two rifles look similar except the FAL has a pistol grip and detachable 20rnd. box magazine------that's about all I know.Chow :D :usa:
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