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flash hider verses muzzle brake

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Thanks from a new member for all the help you've provided so far. I just sent my preban to DRC to get the treatment. I would like some opinions on Muzzle brakes verses flash hiders. I am going to have Dave install the Choate front sight. He can make it into either a flash hider or brake since my gun is a preban. Since there is not much recoil with these guns in .223, wouldn't the flash hider be the way to go or does the muzzle brake help you that much in staying on target with follow up shots. I would think the flash hider would seem signifcantly quieter to the shooter. Any opinions would be appreciated, thanks.
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The sound will be greater to the shooter with either the flashhider, or muzzle brake as gasses from both are vented up, and out, so is the sound.

If your going to cut your barrel, the muzzle brake probably won't improve the accuracy anymore than the flashider, as cutting stiffens the barrel, but it would help with muzzle jump. If you arn't going to cut the barrel, a brake will probably help accuracy more. A lot of members use the BW double muzzle brake, same as the John Mason. Cost $19.95, and we install it ourselves. Pins over the front sight.

Either way if you have open holes or slots in the bottom, and shoot in the prone position, you may get blasted with sand, and dust.
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