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flash hider verses muzzle brake

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Thanks from a new member for all the help you've provided so far. I just sent my preban to DRC to get the treatment. I would like some opinions on Muzzle brakes verses flash hiders. I am going to have Dave install the Choate front sight. He can make it into either a flash hider or brake since my gun is a preban. Since there is not much recoil with these guns in .223, wouldn't the flash hider be the way to go or does the muzzle brake help you that much in staying on target with follow up shots. I would think the flash hider would seem signifcantly quieter to the shooter. Any opinions would be appreciated, thanks.
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I am personally a fan of the A2 style flashhider, and although I employ a muzzlebrake (Accubrake from Weatherby) on a .300 Weatherby Mag, I did not see a major improvement in accuracy for the bolt gun-it is so accurate out of the box it is not funny. I would think you were right-the .223/5.56mm round has virtually no real recoil to speak of, if you can have a flashhider and have the bottom slots left out, go for it. The real plus I might see with a muzzlebrake is for faster follow up shots. I have an Eagle flash-hider on this particular mini-14, and it compliments it nicely.
Ever see an A2 or M4 fire at night?:D
Plus $8 minimum shipping with MidwayUSA. Since they went to Fair and Honest shipping charges, and raised their prices, they lost a lot of my business.

Check gun shows, I see them all the time there.
The Eagle does not have have the slot milled in the bottom, and is pretty effective for a flash hider using M855 at night, compared to an H&K SL8-the SL8 produced a HUGE fireball, and the Eagle spread the flash around quite nicely. But in real life you may never have to shoot at night. Don't know about the Choate though. Between the two, I'd vote for the flash hider.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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