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These guys are giving good information. I assume your rifle is new. I like to brush my barrels with Brasso or JB Bore bright to clean out any loose filings and to smooth up the barrel. Since you have shot your rifle I would use the Brasso. It has ammonia in it and that helps to dissolve copper from the barrel that might have built up on any machining marks that strip copper off the bullets as they go down the tube. Use a nylon brush and not a metal brush to clean out the barrel.

Consider a 45 caliber buffer for the receiver end but NOT on the gas bushing end. At some point in the futrue you can consider a new gas bushing to tame down the recoil. But, not until your rifle is well broken in.

If you reload, consider the 50 grain bullets for your rifle. All my Mini's with 1/9 and 1/10 twist barrels seem to like them well. 24 to 25 grains of AA2230 or RL 10 make good intro loads. I don't go under 24 for reliable function. Have fun. kwg
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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