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First Mini-14?

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I found you guys by accident. THIS IS GREAT!!! I have learned a lot in just a couple of weeks. What Mini should be my first? I have reloaded for many years, mostly revolver calibers. I own a couple of Ruger 10-22T's Mostly for close in gopher blasting with Stingers. (Under 100 yards) but I want more power. (Is that bad?:) I can't decide. HELP ME!!!
The way the geniuses keep legislating away our rights I decided to purchase a Mini-14 now while they are still available. The idea of some idiot eliminating a whole class of guns with a stroke of a pen makes me ill.
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Really,you are only limited by your budjet and needs,as far as what config to get. But in my opinion,you are better off going with a "standard" mini in blue or stainless (I like the stainless Hogue stocked version). The reason I say to go with the "standard" instead of the "ranch" is because with the ranch,you are limited to Ruger scope rings (why would you buy a gun with built in scope mounts and then not use them?),and they block your iron sights. With a standard version,you have a wide range of aftermarket mounts,and most of them DO NOT block the iron sights(which are alot better quality than the cheesy flip-up rear sights on the ranch model). If you've ever used a scope,then you know they can fail,usually at the worst time! Just somthings to consider!


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