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It was about 6:30pm when I decided to take a walk and maybe spot some groundhogs while they are busy munching on dinner. Luckily our farm is fairly hilly with small stands of trees. This makes it easier to sneak up and stalk this little, nervous buggers. This particular whistle-pig was about ten yards from his hole eating dandelion greens when I crested a small hill and hid behind an apple tree about 30 yards away. Pretty close for these wary animals. I took aim on its thick neck through the factory peep (ranch) and flipped the safty forward. At this it looked up and froze mid-chew with a leaf hanging out of its mouth. I took the shot. It did not take another chew.

Upon examination the Russian made Brown Bear 62 gr HP took out the spine and most of the muscle on the far side of the neck and kept going into the ground. After years of shooting .22LR at woodchucks, I find that using .223 is more humane to them. Even head shots with a .22 can leave them with enough spark to make it to the hole and suffer a long death. The .223 is nearly instantaineous.

I think I will need a scope to get the others in the middle of the fields.
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