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Finally shot my rifles... (and a stock question)

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Mini-14 and Ruger 10/22. It was fun. It would have been more fun had I not left all my magazines at home... :eek:

Mini is fine as a bolt rifle but a 10/22 is a bitch to reload single round, especially when your fingers are numb with cold and the bolt latch/release is a small thin sharp piece of metal.

Oh, yes - my shooting was abysmal. At 50 yards I used to shoot a longbow (no sights) with better groups than that...

I was shooting resting my forestock arm on support and I noticed that my 10/22 jumped to the right from recoil. Is that right or did I do something wrong?

Now a stock question.
The Hogue stock is a bit longer than the factory one. I am not sure but I think it feels a bit too long for me. I am 5'6". Anyone with the same height who could share experience?

If I do decide to shorten my Hogue OM by an inch, how would I fit a buttpad back so that it does not stick out?
I do not necessarily want to keep the Hogue's own rubber buttpad - there is no need to absorb recoil with .223. So I would consider replacing it with a buttpad that is:
1. Thinner - not essential quality but it would allow me to cut less from the stock
2. Less "catchier" on the clothes. That may be significant in a tactical situation.
3. Sturdier - it's the part that contacts the ground most often.
4. Firmer - in case I have to hit someone with it... :)

I saw replacement buttpads in the store and attaching them seems simple. But how does one go about making them fit flush with the stock? Do I cut the excess somehow?

Ideally, I would want a buttpad that would allow me access to the inside of the stock to store stuff.

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Hey voruzon, I have a factory Ruger stock that is finished with truckbed liner that I'd trade you for the Hogue. The truckbed liner is lightly textured and very tough.It would also keep the look of your rifle basically the same.


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