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ok here it is.
I finally had enough time off work to finish my mini.
trigger job was done my mike-fantastic
used mikes gas bushing and buffer what a differance
glass bedding was done after watching mikes video
the vid made it simple everything turned out great for my first bedding, the lugs could have been alittle better but hey it was my first Im happy
any way the only range I could get to was 50yards
once i had it sighted in it held 1/2 groups all day
no matter what i put through it
im pleased
thanks for the help Mike
any one thinking about his trigger job,gas bushing all i have to say is do it!


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Hey active duty, dosen't it feel great to work on a project, and make it come out that great?:D Thats some very good groups you shot at 50 yd. Good shooten;)
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