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Here are a few things I've figured out for the factory folding mini14 stock to make it more pleasent to use on a daily basis.
The first is to take care of the stocks tendecy to slip(because of the bare metal) especially when wearing a jacket. I use a peice of "grip tape" the kind used on metal surfaces like stairs or machinery to keep a person from slipping. It is like a fine grit sandpaper,but will not sctatch. I cut it to size to fit around the stock,but not to impead the function of the stock.And lets face it,you don't need a buttpad for the mini14 anyway.
The second is to provide a cheekrest when using aftermarket scope mounts. I use a motorcycle or ATV crossbar pad. It makes a good cheekrest,and can be found in many colors. And it is easily removed should you want to fold the stock up.

I hope this helps!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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