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Extened Mag Releases

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Hi Guys,
I was curious to find out if anyone has gotten the extended Mag release form either Mike K., Hadaway, or accuracysyystems? I just got one from accuracy, a;ong with the bushing set. The smith I use put them in for me, and I'm going to shoot now, but before I leave, I'm already having trouble with the mag release. It will allow my 5 rounders to seat with no problem, and my no name 30s, but it will not seat my 10s and is giving me some trouble with my Ram-line Combos. This never happened with the factory release. Any body having the same problems, and do you know what to do about it.
After the range I'm going back to my smith, and have take a look, but if nothing can be done, I'll keep the bushings and send the release back.

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Sorry to hear about the ASI Ext mag. release. I just installed one from Lee Hadaway at "The Arms Room". My Ruger mag release measured .470" from the top of the hole to the top of the latch. The Hadaway Release measured .480" just like he had posted. Basicly they still all work, latch, and feed perfectly. It does look well made. My western mags had a problem with not latching with the bolt closed with the old release, no diff. The Western mags. latch with the bolt open with either Release.

You might want to have the gunsmith grind the new latch to match your old latch so your mags will fit. Or send it back.
It rains about 6 ft. a year down here. We are about a foot behind so far.

Glad you fixed it. We will see if you need to bed your stock or not. If your getting a spread, and flyers a bed job is in order. A well bedded rifle, with a good shooter off sand bag, bipod, or benchrest shoots a nice small round group. For the mini 2" is small.

The wolf ammo is not loaded as hot as many others. So if you are switching ammo use the gas port bushing which works with the wolf. The others will then work as they are hotter.
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