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Extened Mag Releases

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Hi Guys,
I was curious to find out if anyone has gotten the extended Mag release form either Mike K., Hadaway, or accuracysyystems? I just got one from accuracy, a;ong with the bushing set. The smith I use put them in for me, and I'm going to shoot now, but before I leave, I'm already having trouble with the mag release. It will allow my 5 rounders to seat with no problem, and my no name 30s, but it will not seat my 10s and is giving me some trouble with my Ram-line Combos. This never happened with the factory release. Any body having the same problems, and do you know what to do about it.
After the range I'm going back to my smith, and have take a look, but if nothing can be done, I'll keep the bushings and send the release back.

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My smith took a look and told me to stop being lazy and do the work myself. Basically he showed me that the bumpout on the back of the mags were not catching. He just told me to file away some of the metal on the bottoms of the 10 rounders until they catch. On the Combo mags file away the polymer(plastic) until the release would let go. On the 10s once they caught I thought they were OK, but when I loaded them no good, so I just kept filing until there was no problems. The Mags now seat and feed without a hitch.
Now for the gas bushing, I had the smithput in the.040bushing and it was a world of difference, however it won't work very well with WOLF, THESE I HAVE TO CYCLE INDVIDUALLY. I was also using Winchester, UMC,and PMC. The WOLF and PMC wouldn't cycle, so I'm changing to the .050 bushing. It was, however quite interesting to see the brass eject forward and to the right only 1-2 ft.
Now except for the glass bedding (which the smith says is unnecessary in the Choate stock, since it is in tight) almost all the INEXPENSIVE modifications are done. Trigger is at 31/2-4lbs., the barrel is cut to 16'' with the double muzzle break added on, and once I change the bushing, and this F*****g rain ever stops I'll be able to spend time at the range. Up here in NEPA it has rained for the last 15 out of 16 weekends.

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