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Ok, I got my Mini 30 a few years back as a plain Jane Mini as you can see in the Bottom Picture, but as always I added s few things some are still on it and some are not. I no longer have the Manson Flash-hider/compensator Middle picture, I still have the B-Square mounting plate in-place, but not using the mount itself and upgraded the scope. As it sits now, I have replaced the Manson FH/C with the Choate Flash hider/sight combo, the Choate hand-guard, added the Accustrut, got the ATI stock for next to nothing on sale at a local store, had to work it a little since it was supposed to be for a Mini 14. Got the Optics on base at a discount (scope 3X9X40 Redfield) and a 30mm red and green dot with laser at the base, both are no longer available but the lifetime warranty is honored by Leupold also put on a TRL 1 Light at the front which is not shown in the top pic. Also replaced the factory and the M1 Carbine sight with the Tech Sight.
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