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Please clarify

Most enemies that say would easily hit you are the ones most likely to miss. How the combat roll works is that you are already behind another piece of cover to move to another piece of cover or blind pathway to flank your enemy before they even realized someone was moving.

Since the head is the most critical target in combat its what you want to protect most. And we will all agree that dodging bullets is the best option.
Interesting points, but I have some doubts about it's true effectiveness.

1. Could you provide any statistics to prove that most are likely to miss? Or are you simply speculating?

2. People are commonly trained to aim for center mass. By tucking and rolling you are placing your most critical target in the general vicinity of the point of aim. How or Why is this more effective than simply moving from point A to B as quickly as possible?

1 - 1 of 88 Posts
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