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EdinKali's mini-30

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Here's what she looks like minus the versapod bipod. One of these days I'll get around to taking a pic with the bipod on it.


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;) Sure thing bargunhuntr! I'll try to get some better pics up sometime this week.
Ok, so I was bored. Not exactly Kali sunshine but here it is with the bipod and better lighting.


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The stock is a Ramline "realtree" camo stock. Got it on sale at Cabela's for $57 or $58 if I remember right.

That's actually a muzzle brake not a flash hider. It has holes on top and no holes on the bottom and does an excellent job of keeping the muzzle down.
Ivanimal: Somehow I missed your 2nd question about location the first time I replied. I live in Northern CA in the Sacramento area. We have an awesome shooting range up here. Check it out at

special poop: I wouldn't worry about going to the range. I take mine out and no one ever gives me any crap. Anyone with a brain can tell it isn't a flash hider as all the holes are on the top and sides and wouldn't be hiding any flash from the shooter's eyes.
I got the stock from Last I checked they were on sale for $54.99. The stock is made by ramline.
The bipod is made by Versapod. The mini-14/30 adaptor bolts to the gas block. The bipod detaches from the adaptor in seconds.
Works great!
No one has ever bothered me about my muzzle brake and I go to the range 3 to 4 times a month depending on the weather. In fact, I've never heard of anyone being hassled about their brake.
Nah, if someone busts my chops about it they can look it up themselves on Masen's website.
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