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Eagle vs. Choate-preference/difference?

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What do you find pro/con in the two brands? Do you have a preference and why?
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Dug up this old thread on a search

Thinking of getting the eagle. The Brownell's Catalog calls them a compensator sight combination but it sure looked like a flash suppressor to me! heh heh

I am thinking of getting out the hack saw (oh my!) cutting my barrel back to about 17", crowning it with one of those stones, (by hand real slow) and then putting on the eagle. How do you get it pinned on straight? Hang a plumb bob string in front of it in a vice and do it by eye? do you have to drill a hole for the pin? arggggggg

Can you help a brother out....... heh heh heh
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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