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Eagle vs. Choate-preference/difference?

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What do you find pro/con in the two brands? Do you have a preference and why?
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I put stainless Eagle flash hider on Mini-14 and it cut my avg. group size from 4" to less than 2". I didn't weigh it before installing it, but I'd guess it goes about 6 oz. The rifle is scoped, but I checked the "ring on ring" sight picture and liked it. It looks good too. I like the slab sided look. I prefer the flash hider instead of a muzzle brake for noise reasons. I don't want to have to wear ear plugs or muffs when I hunt with it, and the compensators are a bit too loud.

One warning. The one I have went on VERY tight. There's definitely no rattle and it's not gonna fall off any time soon. I had to use a soft faced hammer to tap (OK, pound) it on. I don't feel this is a bad thing necessarily, cuz a *slight* constriction at the muzzle can be good for accuracy. But, too much could be a problem for obvious reasons. Go slow if it is tight and especially as you near lining up the pin slot with the hole in the FH. It you go past it, you'll have to tap on the muzzle and risk damaging the crown (I did this and had to carefully tap on the end of the barrel with a softwood dowel to get the hole to line up. Luckily, I did no noticeable damage and it shoots well).
I'm pleased with the results.

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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