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Eagle vs. Choate-preference/difference?

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What do you find pro/con in the two brands? Do you have a preference and why?
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i like the eagle cuz of that ring around the sight. fits nicely inside the peep circle when i'm sighting properly. definately ring-on-ring. i screwed a round headed screw into my syn stock for a kisser button to help me get close to the same sight picture when i swing it up quick.
wow, my eagle fh was loose on my 183 std. actually the inside diameter of the fh was larger than the diameter of my barrel. but i had to go in and file off the ends of the screws that hold the ghost sight to the fh to get it on.

now i'll have to go out and shoot without it to see if my groups widen.

been so obsessed with getting the groups tighter, i haven't used the iron sights much lately.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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