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I bought 3 E-lander mags back in Dec. I've had them for a few weeks and thought I'd share my experience.

I have a complete Rock River Lefty Operator. All 3 mags unloaded will lock and release with ease. At about 15 rounds all three require a tap on the bottom to seat with bolt closed. With 15 rounds, it takes a bit of pressure to release. Nothing major.

Fully loaded these mags will not load into the receiver with the bolt closed without a FIRM slap. I mean FIRM. I've had them loaded for a few weeks without any change in performance.

I have not taken these out to the range for obvious ammo shortage reasons. Removing rounds with my fingers is a real PITA! I did hand cycle a mag without any issues.

They feel solid and will make good range mags. Perhaps once I get out and shoot, the spring will loosen up and they will sit better. I'll let you know in 2014 when I am able to get more ammo.;)
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