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They even have over 100 times more robots than we have members.

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After being locked down for over a year you want people
locked down indefinitely so they will be here to satisfy
what you think should be the desired usage numbers.
The only reason people would get the idea that this
site is dying as you put it is because of your stupid
posts telling them that.
So your plan is to drive our newest member somewhere
else because of your rhetoric, sounds like a rat plot to me.
So which site is paying you to sabotage this site.
Maybe admin should look into that.
The two faces of evil.
Remember to smile as you stab people in the back.
eggo the socialist justice warrior doing his best to
help things here be progressively PC.
I have encountered people like him before...usually the abused husband that can only exert any false authority on people other than family that will really set him straight....LOL...but if I didnt like challenges and debates...I would probably not come back after his crappola about being a freaking saint when posting.......I understand the bar brawl and all out fights with collateral damage, but years in the past on other forums before the woke craze, more people flooded those threads like the saturday night fights for entertainment...and no one got their feelings hurt or went anywhere...
im on another forum that senior members quit or got butt hurt, not over any name calling or fights, but some one would as advice on an equipment problem and the asker wouldnt follow the advice and post what happened when they tried to fix it another way and the senior member would get insulted their info wasnt taken as gods word, yes it was great advice, but its an internet forum..not school like your taking a test to be graded..and that alone has caused some members to leave, now talk about undies in a bunch...
bottom line is if you get so butt hurt over what some no body posts on an online forum, you have major other issues with your life, and when I say no body, we are all no bodies to each other, some may have developed friendships over time or live close enough to see each other in person, but for the most part, non of use will ever meet in person or have any other contact than this forum or others we are on...I like and agree with some of what he posts but not on other stuff..just human nature you wont agree on everything...

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Are there active admin one here? My post is still waiting for admission.... I joined, because it has/had one of the more active Mini-14, but I dunno.... if it takes days for posts to show up, what's the point?
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